Kids: The Same Wherever You Go

 On Tuesday, we visited the Gold Apple Bilingual Boarding School. As we entered the school, we encountered student who were just having a regular school day. The school was gigantic and its campus is bigger than some colleges. There were kids attending the boarding ranged from ages 3-19.  After we finished lunch in the cafeteria, Read more about Kids: The Same Wherever You Go[…]

World Harmony Through Music Indeed

On April 2nd, the BSS Friendship Touring Ensemble traveled to the Chang Zhou Foreign Language School. Chang Zhou is Buffalo’s Sister City so this was a special experience for everyone involved. We engaged in an exchange concert with students from the middle school. They performed first on tradition Chinese instruments, such as the zheng, and Read more about World Harmony Through Music Indeed[…]

Beyond Words: Finding Unity in Music

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “music is a universal language,” and throughout this journey those words are becoming an increasing reality. Nowhere has that sentiment become more evident than during the group’s performances in China. As a chaperone and a member of the audience, I’ve had the opportunity to witness first-hand the power this Read more about Beyond Words: Finding Unity in Music[…]