A “Ding-Hao” Day

 I’m not particularly fond of heights, but going to the 88th floor of the Jin Mao tower was still breathtaking. I high speed elevator that traveled 9 meters (approximately 30 feet) a second took us up to the observation deck in under a minute. The view was amazing even tho’ it was a little foggy. Looking down from the windows we could see people on the sidewalks, but they looked less like people and more like ants. We could also see the building that Tom Cruise jumped off in Mission Impossible 3. From inside the observation deck, we could also see down about 50 floors below into the atrium of the Grand Hyatt hotel lobby. It was baffling to look down at the sheer number of floors and only have a pane of glass separating us from the lobby. There were also various claw machines with stuffed animals. As it turns out, the claw machines are just as rigged here as they are in the United States and I definitely did NOT try six times to get a stuffed animal. If my brother is reading this, please be sure to tell me all the facts about the Jin Mao tower that I have tuned out in the past.

By Elena deRosas

Mission Impossible 3 building

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  • Surprisingly, Sam doesn’t know much about the Jin Mao tower. However, he says he hopes you didn’t encounter any Asian giant hornet.

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