November 17, 2012

Parents Association

“For the sake of our children, let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of value, and splendid ability”. ~ Shinichi Suzuki


BSS was one of the first music programs in the country to embrace the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Curriculum designed by Dorothy Jones. Weekly parent/child classes are offered where parents learn to help their children (birth to 3 years of age) develop an awareness of rhythms, melodies and movements. The SAA registered Early Childhood Education Teacher helps parents to build a repertoire of lullabies, action songs and nursery rhymes which serve to enrich the learning environment at home.


Students at the advanced playing level are selected by audition to participate in the Advanced Ensemble. The BSS Advanced Ensemble requires intensive weekly rehearsals to maintain and continue the historically high performance level of the group. Each November since 1979, the BSS Advanced Ensemble has toured internationally to bring their music, and the Suzuki Method to the world.


The BSS Summer Workshop is a five day institute-like program offered in August at the BSS Musical Arts Center. The Summer Workshop brings together parents, students and teachers from across WNY to share in a course of intensive music study. A week of fun and inspirational music making at all levels concludes with a concert of Suzuki Repertoire and concert of Chamber Music, both of which are open to the public.


Since 1984 the BSS Friendship Touring Ensemble has undertaken International Concert Tours. They have traveled to Great Britain, the former Soviet Union and Hungary, Australia and Hawaii, Italy and Switzerland, the Southern and Mid-Atlantic United States, Chile and Peru, England and Ireland, Brazil, the 14th Suzuki Wowrld Convention in Turin, Italy as the invited, featured performers in April 2006 and most recently, Spain.


2011 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ARGENTINA, Cordoba, Buenos Aires
, Oviedo, La Fresneda, Ribadesella, Toledo, and Madrid
2006 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ITALY, Turin, Chieri and Castelfranco, Italy
2003 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to BRAZIL,Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Londrina, Brazil
2000 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ENGLAND & IRELAND, Preston, England; Cork, Galway and Dublin, Ireland
1997 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to SOUTH AMERICA, Santiago, Chile; Cuzco and Lima, Peru
1995 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to SOUTH & MID-ATLANTIC STATES,Hudson, OH; Memphis,TN; New Orleans, LA; Atlanta and Gainesville, GA; Greenville, NC; Williamsburg, VA
1993 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ITALY & SWITZERLAND, Turin, Venezia, Florence and Rome, Italy; Lugano, Switzerland
1991 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to HAWAII & AUSTRALIA, Honolulu, Hawaii; Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia
1989 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to USSR & HUNGARY, Moscow, Kalinin and Leningrad, Soviet Union; Budapest and Szombathely, Hungary
1986 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to GREAT BRITAIN, London, Durham, Preston, Wolverhampton, Ely Cathedral, England
1984 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to WESTERN EUROPE, Amsterdam, Holland; Murau and Vienna, Austria; Dortmund and Leiderdorp, Germany; Lyon, France; Zurich, Switzerland


BSS has an extremely active Parents’s Association for whose purpose is to enable the program by providing logistical support for nonmusical aspects of the BSS school year. Among the many activities undertaken by the Parents’ Association are arranging speakers on a variety of topics pertinent to musical study and child development; welcoming and helping acclimate new parents providing a lending library of Suzuki and Child development marterials, selecting scholarship recipients, providing an “at cost” school store for the convenience of our families, providing social and enriching activities for our students and parents, and generally modeling proactive involvement for our children. We encourage all parents to volunteer for any committee of their interest and/or field of expertise.