October 4, 2018

Living Legacy

Contribute To The Living Legacy


“A gift that is handed down from one generation to the next.”


What is Our Legacy?

With the mission of Dr. Suzuki as the foundation, for over fifty years, Mary Cay Neal, a group of dedicated teachers, hardworking, enthusiastic students and their loyal committed parents
have created and shared this legacy with countless students in Buffalo, across the nation and internationally.

How can you stay involved?

In celebration of more than 50 years, we are reaching out to everyone connected with BSS: alums, alum parents, current students and their
families as well as friends of BSS. We want to be in touch with all parts of our legacy and to ask for your support. If you choose to donate to the living legacy, your tax-deductible contribution will enable BSS to perpetuate this legacy into the future.