November 17, 2012

Friendship Touring Ensemble


With a national and international reputation for excellence, the Buffalo Suzuki String Friendship Touring Ensemble has been both a model and an inspiration for over twenty years to other Suzuki programs in the United States and abroad. Their motto is “World Harmony Through Music”.

Since first selected by Dr. Suzuki as his demonstration group for a European Workshop in 1984, BSS students (usually ages 12 to 18) have been invited performers at both Suzuki Association of the Americas Conferences and Suzuki World Conventions. In 2002 our Friendship Touring Ensemble was selected by the Suzuki Association of the Americas to be the model for their “Every Child Can” Course training video (a required curriculum course for registered Suzuki teachers).

Generations of BSS Friendship Touring Ensemble students continue to maintain the highest levels of music performance under the direction of BSS Founder and Music Director, Mary Cay Neal. Western New York can be deservedly proud of how well these youngsters have represented their families and community on the world stage as ambassadors of musical excellence.

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2015 FRIENDSHIP TOUR TO SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg and Cape Town

 ARGENTINA, Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to SPAIN, Oviedo, La Fresneda, Ribadsella, Toledo and Madrid, Spain

2006 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ITALY, Turin, Chieri and Castelfranco, Italy

2003 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to BRAZIL, Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Londrina, Brazil

2000 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ENGLAND & IRELAND,Preston, England; Cork, Galway and Enniskerry, Ireland

1997 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to SOUTH AMERICA, Santiago, Chile; Cuzco and Lima, Peru

1995 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to SOUTH & MID-ATLANTIC STATES, Hudson, OH; Memphis,TN; New Orleans, LA; Atlanta and Gainesville, GA; Greenville, NC; Williamsburg, VA

1993 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to ITALY & SWITZERLAND,Turin, Venezia, Florence and Rome, Italy; Lugano, Switzerland

1991 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to HAWAII & AUSTRALIA, Honolulu, Hawaii; Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia

1989 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to USSR & HUNGARY,Moscow, Kalinin and Leningrad, Soviet Union; Budapest and Szombathely, Hungary

1986 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to GREAT BRITAIN,London, Durham, Preston, Wolverhampton, Ely Cathedral, England

1984 FRIENDSHIP TOUR to WESTERN EUROPE,Amsterdam, Holland; Murau and Vienna, Austria; Dortmund and Leiderdorp, Germany; Lyon, France; Zurich, Switzerland