What We’ve Prepared for All Year

 Our concerts were in Beijing, Chang Zhou, and Shanghai.  All three of the concerts were different. The one in Beijing was in a very large hall with an older audience. Personally, I believe that the first was the best one because the audience was quiet and almost everyone seemed like they genuinely wanted to be there. Our second concert in Chang Zhou was also very good. For the most part, the audience seemed engaged and we played music for children. The Chinese students played traditional instruments like the erhu and we played our program. At the end, it was pretty interesting because the middle students viewed us as if we were famous. They all wanted our autographs and some even wanted our contact information. The last concert was for the Shanghai Gold Apple School. When we played Jasmine Flower, the audience seemed to wake up and they also seemed to enjoy Orange Blossom. I believe the concerts were some of the best parts of the tour. This is what we’ve been preparing for all year and it makes me really happy to see the audience enjoying it.

By Sophia Wang

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    • Sophia, we are so happy to see you gain a new perspective in your travel to China, which is through music this time.

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