A Deeply Detailed Masterpiece

This Friday, we went to a jade Factory in Beijing. I didn’t really know what to expect heading in, but I was not disappointed. The guide taught us about the kinds of jade and the variations of quality in jade. However, the coolest part was going to the shop and buying souvenirs. I’m a sheep in the Zodiac calendar so I bought a jade sheep figurine. Afterwards, I was talking to Mrs. Ross about a cool chess set I had seen. The a vender overheard me and handed me the set. It was not cheap, but it was certainly unique.  Each piece was a deeply detailed masterpiece, looking slightly different from all the others. Each pawn was smiling and kneeling down to indicate its lower status. The king even had a beard with detailed hair. The pieces were alive, doing battle amongst each other. The board had an elegant dragon painting on either side and the inner casing had little paintings with Chinese letters all over.  It was 700 yuan (about $100) well spent.



By Gio Kharchilava

3 thoughts on “A Deeply Detailed Masterpiece

  • Very well written Gio! Thank you for sharing your detailed insight! What a cherishef memory you have along with a wonderful piece of art! Enjoy!

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