4 thoughts on “Video Blog: Elizabeth Sam

  • We are back home watching all this with keen interest. Looks unique and terrific. Africa is country I’ve always wanted to visit.

  • Hello BSS touring ensemble!
    We are so excited for y’all (we are currently visiting our son Nick in North Carolina -haha)
    Reading all of these blogs has been fantastic! WOW! Your experiences so far sound like they have been nothing short of AMAZING!
    Lions actually hunting prey? Who ever gets to see that in their lifetime? ….and the giraffes ~ oh! They are my favorite animal! Sounds like you were close enough to almost see their blue tongues!
    The Buskaid group in Johannesburg? An incredible experience. What you shared together, priceless. You are making memories for yourselves that you will never forget. You represent The absolute Living Legacy of Dr. Suzuki. We couldn’t be more proud, back home. We look forward to reading more about the trip each day.
    Also…I am so curious to know about how the ZEBRA & CROCODILE were prepared, and what they taste like?

    -The SAMs

  • Lizzie! Enjoyed your Blog, and it sounds like a wonderful place to be performing your beautiful music for the people of South Africa. You gave a real nice speech that warmed my heart. Keep the good work and spreading the beautiful music of your group and continue to learn and have fun doing it.
    Lizzie, tell your colleage Baily Troyer that Zebras have stripes on the outside and not on meat one eats!

  • Poonch – I’m sure you guys are having a great time over there. Reading this blog makes me want to go back on tour so badly – it’s bringing back so many memories! Make sure to soak everything in and TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES. I’m so proud of your hard work

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