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Well, it is Monday afternoon and I have just had a chance to type and upload five posts from the kids (Tara Porter, Elizabeth Vennari, Roman DiPasquale, Simon Wu, Baily Troyer).  The post are fun, interesting, and certainly give you an insight into their interpretations of their experiences.

This morning we woke up at 5:00 AM to go out on our 1st safari.  It was absolutely amazing and unlike anything I have every experienced.  We saw a lion pride in the middle of a hunt.  An impatient young lion charged a bit too early and lost the family’s meal.  I absolutely recognized the look the dad lion gave the teenager.  I have given that same look myself.  We also had giraffes cross the road directly in front of us.  Both tripped just a bit.  We also saw a rhino family hanging out within 10 feet of our vehicle.  It was absolutely amazing!  I am sure some of the kids will be writing about this soon.  We leave for our next safari in less than an hour!  I am so excited!

I will post a few photos here of some the stuff that has been mentioned.




7 thoughts on “Here & There 2

  • Not only are you relating to people of a different culture, but also the wildlife! I expect everyone will come back a bit changed from all that you are seeing (and eating!!!). Thanks for the photos. It appears the teenager appetite is being satisfied and everyone looks so happy and smiley!

  • You guys look so beautiful in your Easter best! Tell Elena that her ENTIRE family is eagerly following the blog. We love sharing in your adventures and are so very proud (and a little jealous).

    • This is such an amazing experience for all! Our family (Elena’s Aunt Susie, Uncle Arnie, cousins Zach and Katie) are following all your adventures! Thanks for posting!

  • Wow!! Every day sounds so special–so much to learn, experience, (and eat). All the blogs are great to read and let us know what a wonderful time you all are having.


  • It is so great to see and hear of your adventures!! The Killelea family is enjoying keeping up on the blog so much!! Sending kisses and hugs to Kelsey and all of you!!

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