Robby’s Place

By Baily Troyer.  Never before have I seen a restaurant owner so cordial. At Robby’s Place in Pimville, Soweto we all enjoyed a homemade cooked lunch and dessert, From the looks of it from the street, Robby’s Place didn’t look like much, but it was definitely a place I will always remember. There was pop, drum sticks, green beans, spiced carrots, sponge bread, and plenty more. And when I mean home cooked I mean it’s true. As Robby talked to my table, several servers continually brought out new dishes, while clearing out the old ones. Overall, it was Robby’s hospitality that really sold me. He was very enthusiastic about getting to know us rather than trying to sell us his food. On that note, Robby and his attitude is similar to that of common pedestrians. When BSS was given a tour of Soweto, whenever I waved, people on the street would always wave back and it was was really comforting. In the US if you waved to someone on street you would either get a creeped out look or the middle finger. Overall, through Robby’s Place and the tour of Soweto, South Africans have the wonderful trait of being welcoming and definitely cordial.

2 thoughts on “Robby’s Place

  • Baily, it sounds like you’re really soaking in your experiences – I’m so glad. Reading your post I can almost taste the food and feel the friendliness. I can’t wait to hear and see more!

  • Hi Baily,

    I got all hungry reading your report. I think you meant “pap” when you wrote pop. Pronounced “pup”….maize meal, cooked slowly and stirred till thick and sticky. How I miss the food back home!

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