Stray Dogs Are Tons of Fun

By Nick Sam. We’ve had a great time here in Argentina so far. After a long plane ride and long first day we are all so happy to be here in Cordoba. We took a tour of the city and saw bunch of stray dogs; they were a ton of fun. One was eating a dead bird. We went to a mall and an outdoor market which were both cool. We went to a Suzuki School and met the local students and their teacher who invited us here. Our hotel is nice and the rooms are not as small as I expected.

Right now I’m in the concert hall in Cordoba getting ready for our first concert. The hall is really big and beautiful but there is a huge echo. Hopefully our concert goes well. It is about 80* and sunny here now and I’ve heard it’s snowing in Buffalo – we came at the right time. Ha ha.

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  • Well, I keep trying to leave this comment… this is my third time, but somehow, I don’t think it’s working!! (If it is, just ignore my other 2 posts??? … they are the same)
    Good Morning! I must also join the other parents in saying just how much I LOVE reading these blogs. I check the computer several times a day, anticipating the next post… and although I haven’t been posting a comment on each one, we have certainly enjoyed reading every one…. makes us feel connected.
It sounds like you are having a fantastic time, Nicholas. Wish we could’ve been there to see this pack of “stray dogs”, sounds totally awesome! (haha) – and yes, it WAS snowing in Buffalo ~ nice, freezing pellets of beautiful, white, hail, accompanied by strong winds, and dark gray skies – a perfect contrast to what you are experiencing in Cordoba…. ENJOY!

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