Cordoba Concert

Hi everyone, I’m headed off to sleep soon (yikes, almost 2 am AGAIN…) but just had to post that the concert in Cordoba tonight was AMAZING!  The kids played such a highly polished and refined program, and we were so proud of them.  The group pieces were played with such precision and musicality, and soloists Tim Valint and Emily Bauerlein both played like pros.  Tim and Emily both nailed their pieces, and played with such clarity and energy that the audience loved them both.  Of course (because it is ME writing,) I have to mention that the viola/cello group played their La Folia with such power and grace and nuance, and they so obviously were having fun playing with each other.  So a special thank you to: Emily, Nick, Madelyn, Isaac, Bryan and Julie!  And the Tchaikovsky Canzonetta with the violin group was very moving, they played with such refinement and feeling.  And when they played Twinkle at the end of the concert with their new friends from Cordoba, well, you can imagine how moving that was.  I could go on, but need to stop now.  But I did want to let you know how proud Mary Cay and I (and Linda and Raechele) were of these students tonight, as they brought their music to new levels.  I told the kids afterwards that hearing them play made me think about how glad I am to be a teacher!

(Sorry no video or pics tonight, need to sleep for a few hours before we have a fun day of sight-seeing tomorrow.)

-David Levine

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