There Was Magic in the Air

Last night I saw a magic show! No, I didn’t sneak off and visit a carnival, or watch a street performer pull a rabbit out of a hat. Instead, I witnessed our kids transform from a group of highly talented and dedicated instrumentalists, into an ensemble of true musicians! They played with such energy, sensitivity, passion and joy! Their ear-to-ear smiles on stage were genuine as they heard the music they were making. They, too, witnessed the magic!

David Levine’s blog describes the concert beautifully and in greater detail than I will go into here. But, let me say just two things: 1) He is not exaggerating in the least in his description of the concert and the ensembles; and 2) I want to reinforce how amazing both Tim and Emily were. They both just let it fly! Maryanne and Mark and Maria and Dan – you would have been so proud ( I know I was)!

I’m going to make a smooth transition right now and let you know our schedule for the day (I’m running out of time I have to get downstairs soon for breakfast and I don’t want to miss the bus!)

This morning we will do a bit more sight seeing in the city. We will go into a few more of the buildings that we weren’t able to earlier in
the week. The kids are looking forward to this. They have expressed a desire to know more about the culture and history. They continue to amaze me.

This afternoon we will head off to the countryside to visit the villages of Alta Gracia and Villa General Belgrano. I don’t have time to describe them now, but please google them. The people of Cordoba are especially proud of them. Then we will be home for a Farewell Cordoba dinner (it will be another late one!).

I am really running late but I have to say two more things. First, the kids never did get to swim yesterday. Although I did wake up at 5:45 to get ready, and the kids got up in time to be there at 6:30, the pool didn’t open until 9:30! I guess I should have check that out first.

Second, thank you for the kind words about the blogs. But, I really want to remind you who is really doing the work here – Mary Cay, David, and the unsung hero Linda. All of the videos are posted by David and that takes far more time than the text blogs. And, last night when I was just too tired to post, he even stayed up to add a text blog. This is in addition to all of his musical and teaching responsibilities. Of course, Mary Cay is working circles around most of us. In addition to everything else she is getting kids to reach musical heights they didn’t know existed and providing inspiration at every turn. I don’t think I can explain how valuable Linda is on this tour. Well, let’s look at it this way, think of all that she organized prior to the trip and the precision and attention to detail she demonstrated. Now add spot-on decision making, and magnify it all by 1000 and you won’t even be close. Linda truly keeps everything running. She is a true gift to us all. So, keep in mind, all am doing is writing a few blogs and getting the kids to do the same.

Well, I really have to end now, I don’t want to miss today’s magic!


3 thoughts on “There Was Magic in the Air

  • Thanks for the news.

    Ditto on Linda. All day Friday all I could talk about was how amazingly organized this trip was. Linda has this down to a science – from the pre-trip preparations to the day of departure and lining up the luggage, yellow tape, counting off, etc. It gives a parent such confidence. She inspires trust. Thank you so much Linda.

  • First of all, part of the concert was amazing via video……it gave me goosebumps. Great job Friendship Touring Ensemble. Mary Cay you are wonderful…..such energy…..such inspiration…….such a wonderful teacher. Isaac has been very fortunate to have you as his teacher over the last 15 years. David you are an inspiration as well. You are hardworking and set the stage for “so high music as well”. I do remember those early days when Isaac was just so young doing circle claps and now great music. What a journey for us all! Linda is an organizational wonder…..from pre tour organization until the actual tour….her unending hours of preparation make the tour what it is today. Linda you are amazing… are the reason behind the majic! Raechel, you are such an asset to BSS. I am so glad you are there representing the parents of those wonderful young musicians. What a treat for you all. Thank you all for the wonderful pictures and messages. It makes us feel that you are all so close to us all. Contratulations Tim and Emily. I am sure the viola group were a joy to listen to as well.

  • Linda, thank you for everything you’ve done for our children on this trip (and the preparation for it). You are a real asset to BSS and you truly are an unsung hero.

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