5 thoughts on “Cordoba Concert: Tango

  • WOW!
    There were tears streaming down my face during this one! BEAUTIFUL, MOVING, FILLED WITH PASSION… Thank you David, for this recording.
    We are so proud of this AMAZING group, both students AS WELL AS teachers. We feel that we cannot express our gratitude in words sufficiently to Mrs. Neal, David, Linda, and Raechele, but THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.
    This experience you have provided for our son is tremendous. An unforgettable, truly memorable experience.
    We are SO PROUD of all your accomplishments, Nicholas!

    Mom & Dad

  • The beauty of their paying leaves me speechless. Love the whistling, too. Did I see Madelyn smiling while she played?

  • It always makes me breathless when I hear you all play! Fantastic concert! Enjoy your time, have fun! Tissues……..

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