Celebrating Lilly

Yesterday was Lilly’s birthday and we were all gifted with the best present of all – celebrating her! After a day of driving from Chang Zhou to Shanghi, meeting students and touring the Golden Apple School, rehearsing, and performing a concert for the students and faculty, we drove into the heart of Shanghi for dinner and then off to our hotel.  All of the students and chaperones surprised Lilly by singing Happy Birthday, showering her with smiles, hugs, and birthday cards, and, of course, a lovely birthday cake – complete with 15 candles.  Happy Birthday Lilly!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Lilly

    • What a wonderful moment it should be, Lillian, celebrating your birthday in the middle of all these exciting surroundings and experiences! Congratulations! I wish you have all the more exciting and fruitful trip furtheron. It’s such a joy for me to watch the live photos of BSS activities in China. My hearty thanks to all the BSS members along with those wonderful staffs. Grandma from Seoul

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