We’re Here!

We finally arrived in Argentina (by way of Toronto, NYC, and Santiago, Chile). It was a long, exhausting, and amazing trip for all of us. We spent extra time in the Toronto Airport (minor problems with the plane. Where is Dan Valint when you need him? The kids stayed upbeat and positive throughout our travels. The good news is that it made the really long scheduled layover at JFK much shorter.

The plane to Chile was looong. Just now other way to say it. It was also jammed packed. The kids amused themselves with all the technology the plane had to offer including: individual seat monitors that allowed one to choose tv, movies, video games and more. It was a bit harder on the old folks. Except, of course, Mrs. Neal who slept as if she were home in her own bed.

After checking into the hotel, we had lunch nearby and then headed off to meet our Suzuki friends. They were so welcoming and supportive. Our kids played a couple of pieces and then there as a really fun Play-in. Afterwards, the kids played a few structured games to get to know each other and then they fed us. It was a great potluck. Finally, all of the kids started playing a really fun game that had just about everyone of them involved (either laughing and cheering or actually playing. In the end, Arlo was the last man standing.

Finally, I have a few notes for the readers of this blog. Each day I will ask a couple of kids to write up something for the blog. Occasionally, I will also post a picture or two. But the bulk of the pictures will be placed in the photo gallery by David. He will also post video blogs when he can. There really isn’t much down time in the schedule and when it does come, we need to rest.

Stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat station.


5 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  • We are so excited that you arrived safe and sound. Everyone here misses you so reading your blogs is helping ease our pain. 🙂

  • Hi Raechele,

    Thanks again for the daily updates on Argentina Tour.
    We enjoy reading you articles…

    Cho Family

  • Reading the posts gives me the feeling of being there. Enjoy, enjoy and thanks to you, Linda, David, Mary Cay for making this experience possible for Madelyn. Love to all.

  • Hi Raechele~
    Thank you so much for posting these blogs! We had to laugh when we read William’s blog about the shortest rehearsal ever! Many thanks to you, Linda, David and especially Mary Cay for giving our kids this wonderful experience. Hugs to everyone!
    Bruce and Joan Boissonnault

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