Greeted With Kisses

By Tim Valint.   Hola!  Everything about Cordoba is completely and utterly AMAZING!  The weather is much warmer and the air is sweet.  We met up with the Cordoba Suzuki students at their music center and were greeted with kisses, handshakes, high 5´s, and cheers.  Playing music for them, and with them made bonding with them easier than I ever could have thought!  All of the Argentinian Suzuki Students are very nice, and some know English.  Breaking through the language barrier word by word makes conversation much more meaningful.  They cooked us a delicious dinner – though it was a bit early for them – and I am looking forward to seeing my new friends again at our workshop on Sunday!  Looking forward to more!

3 thoughts on “Greeted With Kisses

  • Hola Tim,
    We are so happy to know you are soaking in this amazing experience! Enjoy every minute!
    Love & Miss You,
    Mom, Dad, D.J. & Bailey

  • Just read the comment about the weather in Cordoba – as we look outside here at the pellet-sized hail that is now turning into snow! Sharing music as your common language…how cool is that?!

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