The Estancia Experience

By Mandela Namaste. Hola! Yesterday, we took a trip to an “estancia” outside of Buenos Aires. As we walked in, the gauchos served us empanadas, which were quite good. Afterwards, we went horseback riding. I hadn’t ridden a horse in 4 or 5 years, so I had forgotten how much fun it was. It seemed like everybody was having fun. After that, we devoured our lunch. There was steak, chicken, and fish. Everybody enjoyed their food and we were all then treated to some tango-ing, accordian playing, singing, and dancing. Most of us joined in the dancing; it was especially fun. All in all, the “estancia” was a very long but very fun experience!

2 thoughts on “The Estancia Experience

  • It sounds like a great time Mandela. I hope it brought back memories of Kelkenberg Farm. I am glad that you are having so much fun. I miss you!!!



  • Mandela, it sounds like the “estancia” experience will be a memory you will always treasure. I saw the video blog and was amazed that everyone was saddeled and up on a horse. From the sound of it you enjoyed the barbecue very much. I am really enjoying your blogging. Give Isaac a hug for me. Tell him I miss everyone…….

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