A Very Fun Day

By Alex Kennelly. Ayer, fuimos a una estancia y montamos caballos. Yesterday, we went to a ranch and rode horses. I was afraid at first because I had never really ridden a horse by myself, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I also got a very nice leather jacket at the estancia. After we ate, everyone got up and started dancing to the tango music being played by the gauchos. It was a very fun day!

2 thoughts on “A Very Fun Day

  • Alex………beautiful Spanish……I am sure you had a great opportunity to use it in Argentina……I am looking forward to seeing your leather jacket. Have a great concert tonight.

  • Hola hijo/ hermano,
    Tu Espanol es muy bien! We can’t wait to see
    pictures of you on your horse! Sounds like you
    had a fun time at the Estancia. Have a wonderful
    concert tonight. We’re sure it will be amazing! We
    miss you!

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