Tango Surprise

So, we are in Buenos Aires; “the Paris of South America”. This city is alive. You can almost feel it’s pulse. It is MUCH larger than Cordoba and has a less intimate feel, but it clearly has it’s own allure. We arrived late morning yesterday (after an early rise), checked into the hotel, a brief rest, and then off to eat lunch, explore, and shop a bit.

Later, we dressed for dinner and our Tango Show. The kids all looked wonderful in their dress clothes. Dinner began at 8:00 and the show began at 10:00. The dancing was fun and the kids seemed riveted. As an unexpected treat, one of the pieces played by the musicians during the show was the tango that the kids are play during this tour (the one David posted from the concert).

Today we will do a guided sightseeing tour and later meet our Suzuki hosts. More later from Buenos Aires….

10 thoughts on “Tango Surprise

  • Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time…….seems like everyone is on the move taking in the sights, working with Suzuki grouips, and rehearsing for your final conncert on Saturday evening at the Auditorio San Rafael. I am looking forward to visiting with everyone when you arrive home Monday. In the meantime, please give Isaac a great big hug for me and tell him to have fun.

  • We, too, would like to express all the best to Mary Kay on her (29th) Birthday!!! 🙂
    Mary Kay, you are so lucky to be celebrating with such great kids, in such a beautiful place. I’m sure this’ll be another birthday you won’t forget!


    The Sams

  • Happy Birthday dear Mary Cay…….you are a gem and the Tabone Family appreciates you so very much. It has been your guidance and caring that has made the difference in Isaac’s life. We wish you blessings on this day and have a wonderful concert on Saturday evening. Looking forward to your return on Monday afternoon.

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