South Africa: Final Preparations are Underway

Welcome to Buffalo Suzuki Strings (BSS) South Africa Blog!

In just nine short days the BSS Friendship Touring Ensemble will begin its 13th International Concert Tour. This year we are headed to South Africa!!

Beginning in 1984, the BSS Friendship Touring Ensembles have toured and performed in:
Western Europe – 1984
Great Britain – 1986
The former Soviet Union and Hungary – 1989
Hawaii and Australia – 1991
Italy and Switzerland – 1993
the Southern and Mid-Atlantic United States – 1995
Chile and Peru – 1997
England and Ireland – 2000
Brazil – 2003
Italy – 2006
Spain – 2008
Argentina – 2011

This year’s group of 21 young musicians (violinists, violists, cellists, and pianists), five chaperones, one professional piano accompanist, and one very special guest from Houston will tour and perform in Johannesburg, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The students and the Advanced Ensemble faculty have been working very hard for the last two years to prepare an impressive repertoire of highly polished music. They are very excited to share their music and develop friendships with Suzuki students and other music fans in South Africa. They are also very proud to represent Buffalo Suzuki Strings and sharing their passion and commitment to Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy.

Feel free to follow the BSS Friendship Touring Ensemble via this blog as they travel and perform in South Africa.

Raechele Pope-Namaste

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