Ready to Go Home

By Roman DiPasquale.  It was great in Cordoba.  You could walk around and find almost anything you wanted, within a small area.  It was also calm, not crazy like Buenos Aires, which was fun because you could see so much great architecture.

In Buenos Aires, we did a play-in with the small Suzuki group in a cultural center.  It was fun, even though most of the kids were under the age of 10.  After that, we went to dinner and I ordered spaghetti but they gave me fettucini instead.  I didn’t complain because it tasted great!   We then headed back to the hotel (which was really nice) to relax and sleep.

It has been so much fun here, and a really great experience musically and personally, but I’m sitting at JFK writing this, and I think I’m ready to go home and sleep.

NOTE: Romey submitted this blog in JFK.  Although the flight was delayed a significant amount of time, there was no WiFi available in our terminal.   Sorry, Romey.

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