Playing at the U.S. Embassy

By Elena deRosas & Heesung Kim.  Playing at the U.S. Embassy was a huge honor.  Although we were still groggy from our long night on the plane, we had fun.  In our mini program, we played Trepack, On Wings of Song, Tanz, and Orange Blossom Special.  Philomena and Elizabeth V. played their viola duet, Midnight at a Zydeco Bar and Kelsey and Jimmy played their piano duet, Joyous Sound.  After our performance, the Embassy staff provided us with a delicious lunch.  They gave us hamburgers, chips, a drink, and cupcakes.  One thing that we realized after our performance was that we were very serious and didn’t move a lot.  This was promptly fixed after our experience at Buskaid.  Overall, everybody enjoyed the experience at the U.S. Embassy.

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