You’ve already read a bit about our time with Buskaid on Thursday in Kelsey’s post, here is a video to show you a bit of what we experienced. (The video is short due to WiFi limitations here, I’ll share the entire 90 minute version once we get home.) I’m sure you’ll read and hear more stories from the students about this, but for now the best word I can use to describe that afternoon is transformative. The Buskaid musicians played several songs for us, and we played several for them, and then each group taught the other one of their songs. It was one of the most joyful collaborations, both musical and cultural, that I think I have ever seen. Both groups played with such vibrant enthusiasm, and they brought out the best in each other as they made new friends quickly. This video shows the final play-throughs of the Buskaid song, played by the combined groups of musicians. Watch this video, and also check out the Buskaid website to learn more about them: https://www.buskaid.org.za

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