Perfectly Blue Skies – Perfect Day

By Nicole Eagan – written on Monday evening.

Today, we had an AMAZING day in cordoba. After a lovely breakfast, we played our hearts out in rehearsal. It was intense. Following the rehearsal, we split up into groups and enjoyed the shopping scene. With perfectly blue skies and beautiful rays, Alana, Justice, Madi, Emily, Julie, and I. Laid out in the sunny park, soaking in the culture and atmosphere surrounding us. It was the perfect day so far and I couldn’t ask for more. We are currently getting ready for our first concert – which we are ecstatic about. It has been a trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to see what else Argentina has to offer!

Editor”s Note: I owe Nicole an apology. This should have been posted Monday night or at least on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately it got delayed. I am sorry.

1 thought on “Perfectly Blue Skies – Perfect Day

  • Nicolle – After watching the video of your concert I was teary-eyed with emotion – it was perfectly amazing! I am truly grateful to our Suzuki Family to provide this experience for all of you. Even though you’re in a different hemisphere – I feel so close to you. Enjoy every single moment! Love, Mom

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