Living the Lion King

By Prya Pindiprolu.   The BSS Advanced Ensemble had the opportunity to go to Pilanesburg National Park to experience an African safari.  We were lucky enough to see 3/5  of the Big Five.  The Big Five are the 5 animals that hunters had difficulty killing.  This includes Rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants,  and water buffalos.  After being at the park for 20 minutes, we received an alert that there was a lion hunting.  Our truck  rushed over to that part of the park where we saw the lion eyeing the wildebeast.  Everyone abruptly quieted down.  The lion was so close to us, that we had to make sure we were fully in the truck.  Eventually we began to see more lions.  It was probably about 5 lions that were visable.  Aside from the Big 5, we saw giraffes, springbok, zebras, gunea fowl, hippos, crocodiles, kudu, rabbits, antelopes, wildebeast, and impalas.  

One of the most difficult things was absorbing and capturing all of the breathtaking views.  We may have come to the park to see the Big 5 but the landscapes and the environment was just as amazing.  As we continued our journey in Pilanesburg National Park, we kept looking very closely for cats and other big animals .  But, as we kept going, the rocks started to look like other animals. 

The hardest part of this experience was clearly distincting reality from fantasy.  Coming into the safari you might have a nice picture of the LIon King, but then you realize Warthogs and lions aren’t friends.  You have to come in with an open mind and be thankful for what you see.  Our guide thought we were so lucky because we saw two herds of elephants.  He thought the elephants were folowing us.  

Lastly, an interesting fact: zebras are into fashion.  They strut and pose and it is a killer print!  

6 thoughts on “Living the Lion King

  • Priya, do I sense a new fondness for animal prints? Nice post. I am glad you are having a memorable experience in Africa and am excited to hear all about it when you return.

  • Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to see pictures and also watch Lion King with you Priya and get your new take on it after these experiences.

  • Lions, zebras, hippos oh my! It sounds so exciting. I am glad that you were all fully in the truck when you saw the lion. 🙂 It looked mighty hungry. I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear all of the stories when you get back.

  • Priya, so glad to hear you are experiencing South Africa and seeing the animals in the wild! Cant wait to see your killer print outfits.

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