Jesuits Churches and City Jails

By Arlo DiPasquale. Yesterday we took a tour of Cordoba and visited some of the interesting places the city has to offer. We visited the oldest church in the city, built in 1574 by the Jesuits. We learned that when the church was first built, the roof collapsed three times. While the architects were trying to successfully re-design the roof, an old ship was taken, turned upside down and put atop the church as a temporary fix.

Another attraction we visited was the city’s original Town Hall/Prison. While we were there, we were able to descend the steps into the cells people were held in nearly 500 years ago!

1 thought on “Jesuits Churches and City Jails

  • Arlo……I can not wait to see all the beautiful pictures of the places that you all visited. Soak in all the history…….it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Phillip Tabone

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