Friendship and Massage Lines in the Halls

By Bryan Goyette. While in Cordoba we are having an amazing experience from the start. Fernando, the Director of the Cordoba Suzuki Strings program greeted us at the airport and that started our Argentina experience with a sense of welcome that has seemed to continue throughout the trip, so far. We have met some great people at the Cordoba Suzuki Institute. Fernando has been a gracious and helpful host who has accommodated us in every way possible. The kids are as enthusiastic to play and meet with us as we are with them. We have played games bonding with them, creating the friendships we came here to make. We are sad to be leaving them so soon, but we are looking forward to performing a great concert tonight and then going on to Buenos Aires to make more new friends. We also love massage lines at 11:00 PM!

3 thoughts on “Friendship and Massage Lines in the Halls

  • Keep talking Bryan. I love reading your blogs and following your travels through Argentina. It’s snowing in WNY!! Love, Lois

  • I’m so glad that everyone is so friendly. I hope you all come away with lasting memories and hopefully some new friendships. I hope the concert went well tonight. Bryan, what is this massage line at 11pm, you should be getting ready for bed?!! We love and miss you.

  • I’ve been thinking of you everyday and now I get to read what ya’ll are up to ! Play with your heart and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Cherish every single moment of your time in Argentina. Love you -Aunt Ann

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