Here and There

Well, the last few days have been rather hectic!  They have also been amazing, life altering, and life affirming.  Unfortunately, David and I have had a bit of difficulty with the internet.  Late at night when we finally have a few minutes to post, the Wifi has been a bit problematic.   This morning, I got up super early to go to the lobby to post some of the blogs the kids have written over the last two days.  Know they may be a bit out of order but the stories are all exciting nontheless.

Last night was our first concert.  It was terrific! Our students all played with energy and passion.  The soloists and duets were GREAT!   It was so impressive.  The Suzuki playdown at end was so much fun.

I am also going to post a few pictures – one of Jimmy at Buskaid jamming with a double-bass player,   some from the concert, our first hotel (The staff was terrific!) , some pictures from the Carnivore Resturant since two of the kids wrote about it, and whatever else I can get to upload before it is time for breakfast.




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