Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten. Sorry Mom!

By Bailey Valint.  Today started with wake-up calls and breakfast in the hotel.  Afterwards we had rehearsal in a room in the hotel near the dining room and were greated by employees and other patrons applauding and even singing when we played the National Anthem.  Next, we hopped on the bus for a guided tour of Soweto.  Its incredible to learn about the history and see the different lifestyles separating each area.  Everyone is so happy here!  Warm welcomes, saying hello and waving are really somewhat of a lost art in the U.S. when compared to here.  After a long day we enjoyed one of the greatest meals I’ve ever eaten!  Sorry mom.  I had different kinds of antelope, zebra, crocodile, beef pork, chicken, and more antelope and zebra!  The way they brought out each individual item to try was really cool.  Everything and everybody in this country has been so awesome so far, and hopefully it only gets better!

1 thought on “Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten. Sorry Mom!

  • Bailey ~ I’m so glad that you’ll have this memory for a lifetime!
    I’m having a hard time finding Zebra at Tops!

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