Enlightening and Awesome

Editor’s note: this message is from Marlene Harrington, longtime BSS piano accompanist, and veteran BSS Tour Staff.  We are thrilled she was able to join us on this tour and so are the students, especially the four soloists.

By Marlene Harrington.  I am so glad I made the decision to come on this South African tour.  It has been enlightening and awesome in so many ways.  First of all – this marvelous group of young people from BSS and especially the four soloists I was privledged to accompany.  Then we have had one awesome experience after another – collaboration with Buskaid Soweto Strings, the Apartheid Museum, Easter Mass with a special lunch at Robbie’s Place (what a welcome we had there!), Pilanesberg with all the animal sightings – to name only a few.  Along the way we are also learning about the history and culture of South Africa, a country we are truly coming to appreciate.

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  • We are also happy you decided to join the tour! All the remarks have been so extremely positive, giving us all delight in sharing the joy of this experience!

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