Cape Town: awesome experiences, challenging WiFi

Hi everyone-

You may have noticed that we have been posting only text blogs the past couple of days, with no pictures or video. Unfortunately, this is due to very poor internet service in our hotel. The wifi barely works in our rooms, and even when we connect in the lobby we have not been able to get pictures or video to upload. So while we will continue to post text blogs, I’m afraid the MANY pictures and videos we have been taking may have to wait until our return to Buffalo for posting. But don’t worry, we’ll share everything when we get home!

We’ve had a wonderful couple of days so far in Cape Town. I’ll write a short version now, as it’s late at night and we have another early morning tomorrow. Yesterday we took the cable car to the top of Table Mountain: wow, what stunning views! We had a beautiful sunny day (Actually we’ve had great weather throughout our trip), and we were able to view Cape Town and the Altantic Ocean from on top of the mountain. We went directly from Table Mountain to our concert venue at Bishops College. We had a good rehearsal, a really fun and productive group class with our new Suzuki friends, and a stunning combined concert! The BSS program was awesome, and we continue to be moved by the national pride we see each time we play the South African Anthem and everyone stands and sings along. And it was wonderful to collaborate with Suzuki teachers from all over the Cape Town area, including students and teachers who had traveled great distances to be with us. The students learned so much from each other as they made new friendships, and of course we played many Twinkles at the end. 

Today we took the boat to Robbin Island. We again had beautiful weather, and enjoyed stunning views of Table Mountain, Cape Town, and the Atlantic Ocean as we traveled by boat to this historic location. Once on Robbin Island, we took a tour of the prison where President Nelson Mandela spent 18 of the 27 years he was incarcerated. Our tour guide was a former prisoner of Robbin Island, and it was a very powerful experience as he led us through the prison, including a look at Mr. Mandela’s cell. We had a bus tour of the island, and then took the ferry back to Cape Town. 

After lunch at the V&A Waterfront, we headed out for our singing workshop! This was such a wonderful collaboration between a fantastic young choir and their teacher, BSS, and a group of Suzuki students who had traveled far to be at our concert the day before, and really wanted to spend more time with us. This turned out to be a great collaboration, as all three groups of young musicians played, sang and danced together. Wait until you hear the wonderful sounds we recorded today, and see the smiles of all the students!

Tomorrow: penguins!

-David Levine

8 thoughts on “Cape Town: awesome experiences, challenging WiFi

  • Hi David, thanks for the update, especially considering how late it is there. I really appreciate each and every post and continue to be amazed with all that is done in just one day!

  • Thanks for the write-up. Looked elsewhere to find images of the table-mountain cable cars. Stunning. We look forward to all the photos and videos!

  • Keep those posts coming. Everyday we are delighted to read more about this amazing trip. Hopefully our Buffalo weather will cooperate for your return on Sunday!

  • Thank you for the effort and time that it takes to keep everyone back at home involved in the experiences you are having. Glad the weather has been holding out for you. Can’t wait to here how the penguin excursion goes.

  • Advanced Ensemble and Chaperones,
    I cannot begin to express my happiness for you as I follow your journey. What a fantastic experience you are having. The warm, friendly interactions you are having with the South African students go a great distance in creating a better world. My happiness for you is only exceeded by my pride in being associated with such a wonderful group of young people who represent the best of Buffalo Suzuki Strings, Western New York and the United States.
    Looking forward to watching you perform at the Reunion Concert.
    Mark Bauerlein

  • Thank you for all of the posts. I look forward to reading about what you did each day. This trip is such an amazing experience for all – even for me sitting at home living the trip through your eyes. Thank you!

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