We are Family

By Alana Drof.

As I sit here at two completely disjointed tables in the middle of JFK with Justice, Nicolle, Madison, Julie, and Emily eating Chinese food and discussing life, I’m realizing that I am incredibly lucky to have the experience to travel to Argentina wi some of the most amazing people I have ever met. As of this point, we’re all excited for the coming days filled with not only music but excitement as well! As Madi just said, there is no one better to travel with than family, and we all are truly one big, and occasionally dysfunctional family! I know that the next ten days will be ones to remember, and I can’t wait to make the most of out trip to Argentina!

By Alana Drof

1 thought on “We are Family

  • Alana,
    We miss you already, but we also are so happy knowing you are going to have a fantastic time in So. America. Treasure every minute!
    Love, Mom & Dad xxoo

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