Treasured Easter Sunday Moments

By Roman DiPasquale. Today, on Easter Sunday, at 7:15 AM we journeyed to the Regina Mundi Church for Mass.  Compared to Mass in Buffalo, this was extraordinarily different, with much more emotion and movement during singing.  Moving and dancing to the singing with hundreds of South Africans made for quite a special and personal experience.  After Mass, a South African gentleman, who was a part of the church, gave us a small tour,showing  us bullet holes in parts of the church from riots to end apartheid.  He also showed us the guest book with names of many famous individuals including: Nelson Mandela, current South African President Jacob Zuma, First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as Samuel L. Jackson.  Overall, although the mass lasted three hours(!), it was a treasured moment and a wonderful way to spend Easter Sunday.

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