Thoughts while en route

It is 9:00 AM and we have just got off the plane in Chile as we await our flight to Cordoba. The kids have been amazing and flight attendants and fellow passengers have all commented on their behavior. We are all proud!

While in JFK I asked a few of the kids to jot down their thoughts for the blog. In the next few posts, I will share their words with you.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts while en route

  • Raechele,

    Thank you for keeping us posted via the blog. I know it was a very long trip, but I am so greatful that everyone landed in South America with the grace of God. I knew that our young ambassadors of music would make a great impression as they traveled representing BSS. They are a great group of youngsters. I have been enjoying the comments by Eugene, Alana, and William. It gives me a sense of how much the touring ensemble appreciates the sacrifices that our their families have made. Mary Cay and David are” crown jewels” that guide give and foster our youngsters to create the “so high” quality of much to a level beyhong extrodinary. Thank you both for what you have provided our children. A very special thank you to Linda for the hours of work and sacrifices she brings to BSS as well.

    Give Isaac a big hug for me. I know that this experience will make an everlasting impression on his life as well as the other youngsters. I will be in the audience in spirit as the ensemble play their first concert on Sunday evening. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

    Phillip Tabone

  • Good morning William,

    I am sure that will be the shortest practice ever! Odds about that ever happening again are 100:1……..Have a wonderful time and play your best.I am sure Mom and Dad are very proud of you. Have a great concert tonight.

    Phillip Tabone

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