Not Too Busy to Party

Yesterday was another full day. We slept in just a bit (didn’t have to be on the bus until 10:00 – so breakfast was also moved back about an hour), nice! Then once on the bus, we received a tour of the city – getting on and off the bus to get closer views and to take photos. One of our favorite stops was at the artists’ district of La Boca. There we shopped for awhile and were able to by authentic Argentianin art from street venders.

We returned to the hotel just in time to drop off our purchases and walk to lunch. Mary Cay and David ate quickly and headed over to Centro Suzuki Buenos Aires to do workshops and Masterclasses for local Suzuki Teachers. We joined them a few hours later for a playin wih the students. After the play-in the kids left. For the hotel to rest and David and Mary Cay stayed for even more teaching.

Last night we had dinner in a very nice restaurant and, of course celebrated Mary Cay’s birthday with hugs, kisses, cards, and of course cake. It was all quite festive!

Today, we are off to an Argentine Estancia (a ranch) where we will see a horse show, enjoy a huge barbque (I can’t remember the Argentinian word for it and am too lazy to look it up), and shop for nice leather goods. The kids will get to ride horses too! Tonight we will work with a tango violinist and have a blast! Of course, we will also find some time for rehearsal too.


P.S. The last few days have been a bit hectic for the kids and they haven’t had much time to write. I hope to get submissions today from Marina and Isaac and maybe one or two others.

3 thoughts on “Not Too Busy to Party

  • Raechel…… sounds like you are seeing many historical sights, practicing, working with other youngsters, as well as partying. Great for you all. The last podcast gave me an opportunity to listen to the BSS members remarks as well as seeing Isaac with a great big smile on his face. Havwe a great time, give everyone our best and tell everyone that we will be at the concert on Saturday in spirit wishing everyone well. Where has the time gone? Thank you for this wonderful blog idea…….it has given us in Buffalo a birdseyeview of the tour. We are all looking forward to the Reunion Celebration on May 1.

  • Raechele……..please make sure they take some pictures riding horses on the ranch. I am looking forward to looking over the pictures of that event. Everyone will become South American horseback riders for the day. Have a wonderful time.

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