Last Night

By Julia Anderson.  Today was our last full day in Cape Town.  We spent most of the day traveling the island through a chain of sights.  This included a boat trip to see seals on an island, a ride up the Flying Dutchman to see a nature reserve, then to a beach to see the penguins.  Finally we retired to an African resturant to celebrate our last night here and also Mrs. Ross’s birthday.  The great thing about the resturant was that you got a variety of food you just had to try.  It was served in a sort of reverse buffet style (they brought all the food on the menue to you).  But it wasn’t just the great food that caused this resturant to steal the hearts of many, it was the service.  Between courses they would perform songs and dances right in front of our tables, using the Djembi drums, rattles, and African tribal clothing in their act.  And at some point, they would bring us out to dance with them -basically  though the process of grabbing our hands and pulling us out to dance.  I was one of the ones that got called to dance, and although it may have been slightly awkward at the start, by the end everyone was having a blast.  

This experience was actually amazing because I know there wouldn’t be anything even close to it in Buffalo.  The people working in the resturant had an enthusiam that fueled our participation in that small slice of their cultural traditions.  

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