Farewell Dinner

By Philomena Vennari.  Tonight we went to the Gold Resturant for a farewell dinner.  The food was about as exotic as you can get.  We ate ostrich and other creepy delicacies.  While we were eating, a group of dancers and singers performed for us.  Meanwhile we all got our faces painted.  The dancers were fantastic and they brought all 8 boys up to dance.  They pulled a couple of girls up occasionally.  Then they ran off to perform for other guests at the restaurant.  Today was Mrs. Ross’ birthday and we all surprised her at dinner by singing and bringing her cards.  The entire staff at the restaurant came running in a few minutes and sang and danced for Mrs. Ross.  Everyone was welcoming and friendly.

To top off the night, we drove halfway up Table Mountain and looked at the lights of the city.  Pieter then pointed our attention to the sky where we found the Southern Cross.  Now we are packing up for the trip home.  None of us can believe that is almost over.  We all want to stay here forever but at the same time I think we’re all looking forward to seeing family again and eating food we understand.



3 thoughts on “Farewell Dinner

  • Happy Birthday Mrs Ross what a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

  • A very happy birthday to you Mrs. Ross and a special thank you for all that you’ve done to make this tour such a success. Although the trip is coming to an end, you all have memories to last a lifetime.

  • Happy Birthday Mrs. Ross, and thanks for everything. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the birthday celebration and your incredible trip.

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