Farewell Buenos Aires and Argentina

By Alex Benz.  OK, so yesterday was our last full day in Buenos Aires.  I’m really going to miss the city; I’ve had so much fun here in the las few days.  Our concert yesterday sounded phenomenal!  All the Friday rehearsals payed off, and I can honestly say that I, as well as the group, have greatly improved.   Farewell Buenos Aires and Argentina.  I can honestly say that you have helped guide me through a life-changing experience!

NOTE: Alex submitted this blog shortly before we left the hotel in Buenos Aires.  I had hoped to post it in one of the airports on the way home, but Wi-Fi was not available.  Sorry Alex.

1 thought on “Farewell Buenos Aires and Argentina

  • I applaud all of you on a phenomenal performance in Buenos Aires. I was fortunate enough to meet you on the plane down to Argentina, therefore knew about the concert in Bs. As. Having grown up in an Argentinian household I am quite familiar with tango music and Por Una Cabeza is one of my favorites. You should all be very proud of your performance – it was brilliant! I am also very happy that you were able to see a portion of Argentina and enjoy the beauty and the passion of the country and the people as well. I hope you are all able to return soon.
    Lisa Andersen

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