3 Reasons to Practice Every Day!

What a great quote from Dr. Suzuki! You’ve probably heard your teacher say something like this in the past. They’re simply trying to encourage their students to treat practice more like eating, rather than schoolwork. Right? The truth is, how you view practice, impacts how you play and perform. The performance is the outcome that Read more about 3 Reasons to Practice Every Day![…]

Suzuki Early Childhood Music: Zero through 3 is so young!

Kela Walton, Suzuki Early Childhood Music & Harp Instructor Zero through age 3 seems so young, what can children possibly gain from the class?   These classes give children a big head start. Brain research tells us that much learning happens before age three. Science continues to prove that in these first years visual, spatial, Read more about Suzuki Early Childhood Music: Zero through 3 is so young![…]

What does “pre-twinkle” mean?

Shannon Levine, BSS Cello Instructor I signed my child up for lessons and went to the introductory meeting, and I keep hearing the term “pre-twinkle” —what does that mean?   It’s secret Suzuki teacher code 🙂 Joking aside, it’s a category label for young students who are just learning how to play their instrument. The Read more about What does “pre-twinkle” mean?[…]