Cape Town News For Nicollette!

Editors note: First, Mary Cay Neal handed me this post just before we boarded our last flight from JFK to Buffalo.  Since being home (and back at work), this is the first opportunity I have had to type it up.  Second, this is a note Mary Cay Neal wrote specifically to Nicollette Solomon, a pioneer of the Suzuki movement in South Africa, but now living in the U.S.  Of course, we are all invited and encouraged to read and enjoy! 

Dear Nicollette,

Yes indeed I did pass out hugs from you to your Cape Town friends and colleagues!  We were welcomed to Cape Town by Titia Blake, Sonnika Venter, Maria Botha, Imogene Buchanan, and Kevin Cook (an American from Chicago who is now playing and teaching in Cape Town).  Susan Kunju brought 20 girls from Grahamstown.  The concert was in the chapel on the beautiful campus of Bishops College.  After our BSS rehearsal we,had a workshop/rehearsal with the South African students and teachers.  It was a great opportunity to get organized for the concert and share some new musical ideas.  We took three large bags of donations (books, strings, rosin, sponges, etc.) to Titia, Maria, and Susan.  BSS families enjoyed being part of our South African adventure by donating musical items for us to deliver to the teachers who are doing outreach.

Your country is beautiful!  We enjoyed Table Mountain, the seals, penguins , and the Cape of Good Hope.  Our drive around the peninsular was breathtakingly beautiful!  Our tour guide Pieter Myburgh, from ACFEA, was phenomenal!  I think your students would enjoy a visit to your home country.

Thank you for connecting us with your friends and colleagues.  We truly enjoyed our visit to South Africa!

Mary Cay









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