Buenos Aires: A Night to Remember

By Aidan Soccia. An interesting number of events have surpassed in the past few days. On Wednesday night, we went to a very nice restaurant, followed by a three hour Tango show. We had an unlimited number of drink refills at the restaurant, which is a luxury for us. After the lovely dinner, we all walked across the street to see a Tango show! The dancers and singers showed lots of emotion while performing, and the musicians were really the people who made the night come to life. After walking the streets, and seeing people interact with each other, one can truly say that Buenos Aires is the “Paris” of South America.

1 thought on “Buenos Aires: A Night to Remember

  • Aidan…….soak in all that culture……the Touring Ensemble is experiencing an opportunity of a life time. The weather looks like it is mild and warm. We are all looking forward to your return and listening to all the tour stories. We know that everyone has been very busy and now today you will be getting ready for your final concert. Have a great concert!

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