What does “pre-twinkle” mean?

Shannon Levine, BSS Cello Instructor I signed my child up for lessons and went to the introductory meeting, and I keep hearing the term “pre-twinkle” —what does that mean?   It’s secret Suzuki teacher code 🙂 Joking aside, it’s a category label for young students who are just learning how to play their instrument. The Read more about What does “pre-twinkle” mean?[…]

So, What Is A Scale?

Shannon Levine, BSS Cello Instructor In the world of music, scales rule! If you are just starting lesson for your child or you are trying to figure out some of the lingo your new teacher is using, scales are probably one of them. What is a Scale? In the most general terms, a scale is Read more about So, What Is A Scale?[…]