Sunday’s Summary

Hola! Tonight’s update will have to be short and quick. It is almost 12:30 and I have to be up really early (around 5:45 ) because I agreed to “lifeguard” for Eugene, Tim, Julie, and whoever else wants to go swimming at 6:30 in the morning. I am sure they can all swim circle around me, but we need an adult at the pool and I made the mistake of telling one of the kids that I am an early riser. I forgot to mention that I typically use that time to spend some alone time with my 4th favorite person — ME!

The schedule in Cordoba is very different from the one you received earlier. The changes were happening so quickly just before we left that even we didn’t know them all. Anyway, so you know, the concert was rescheduled until tomorrow (Monday). So all the good wishes you were sending our way will be put to good use tomorrow. The kids are sounding great and with the kids from Cordoba joining us at the end, it will be a great concert.

This morning we did a bit of sightseeing in Cordoba. We went to the National University of Argentina (over 130,000 students – by way of comparison our largest university (brick and mortar – not University
of Phoenix- is The Ohio State University with 60,00). It was pretty amazing and it is – wait for it – FREE! I learned enough about the
University that I now think I can write this trip off on my taxes.

We also visited a former jail (now a museum). It was tempting but
we didn’t leave anyone there. The architecture is amazing especially
in some of the churches that we viewed during our walks.

We had lunch and then Mary Cay and David left us to go do a workshop for the Cordoba Suzuki students. Our students got to do
a bit of shopping and then we loaded up the bus and joined the Cordoba Suzuki students for the second half of the workshop. Mary
Cay and David are amazing teachers! I know we all already know that, but i mean really. Several parents stopped me to tell me about them. It was just amazing to hear them play together. Dr. Suzuki must have been smiling from ear to ear!

After the workshop we came back to the hotel and quickly changed for dinner (don’t forget dinner here in South America is typically
around 9:00 PM). The meal was great, then back to the hotel,
hanging out for about 30 minutes then a quick bed check and sleep – at least for the kids.

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow I should receive blogs from Justice, Brian, and Nick (maybe even more. My goal is to have each
student write at least once during the trip). By the way the Wi-Fi
here in the hotel is free but it is not always strong. It is much easier and quicker to send text than pictures or especially video. We
really don’t have too much time and video takes a long time to
download. So we really appreciate your patience.

P.S. I am loving your comments! Keep them coming and I will do
my best to update the kids on your comments.

8 thoughts on “Sunday’s Summary

  • Thanks for the updates. They are really informative. It really makes all of us at home feel like we are a part of it. It sounds like you’re all having the times of your lives! Best wishes for a wonderful concert tomorrow!

  • Hi Raechele!
    Thank you SO much for allowing us to share your experiences back home. You are doing an AMAZING job! We are grateful for all that you are doing for the kids 🙂 I mean not everyone can pull-off a 6:30 AM “lifeguard duty”, in the midst of all your other responsibilities!

    I got goose bumps watching the Cordoba play-in and listening to the excitement in the kids voices as they played together.

    And, YES, Dr. Suzuki is definitely smiling, as are we 🙂

    Enjoy tomorrow’s concert.!

  • Good morning BSS Touring Ensemble,

    Thank you Raechele for the updates… is wonderful. The video clips give us a birdseyeview of some of your activities. The last clip of the game was clear, and kept in focus the entire time. Well have fun today and have a great concert tonight.

    Phillip Tabone

  • Thank you!!! It was so fun to watch the video of the kids playing the game. They all look and sound so happy. God bless you for all you are doing and now you have to play lifegaurd?!!

    Everyone, keep up the good work and enjoy every minute!

  • Hi Raechele!

    Thank you so much Raechele for the updates. We are very appreciative on your summary day. Yes, it is like we are there also, seeing the videos & reading articles.

    Hope that you are having much fun also.

    Thank you again
    Cho Family.

  • Raechele you are amazing!! Thank you so much for sending the blogs– we love reading what all the kids are writing. The videos were great! You have no idea how much this means to all of us parents back here in the U.S!! Have a great concert tonight!
    Love to all~
    Joan and Bruce

  • Raechel,

    Life guard duty………you are just filled with surprises! You are a trooper to find time to get up so early for the4 BSS swimmers…….Have a wonderful day and thank you for making time to update us… is like we are there with each and everyone of you.

    Phillip Tabone

  • Raechele,
    We parents are sooooo lucky to have you in So. America with our kids. Thank you ever so much for the blogs and TLC I know you are providing. Three cheers to your 4th favorite person!!!

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