May 5, 2018

Summer Workshop 2018 Harp Program Registration

Students who own or rent a harp are required to bring their home harp, so more students needing to
borrow harps can participate. A limited number of harps may be available to borrow based on need
and order of request, but are not guaranteed.

By signing this form I agree to practice and work with my harp teacher on all music as assigned prior
to the first day of the Summer Harp Workshop. I agree to participate in all Summer Harp Workshop
classes, rehearsals, and events as assigned from 9am-4pm on August 13-17, 2018 and perform on
the final concert at 5pm Friday August 17, 2018. Students will receive their assigned music, schedule, and instructions in early June upon their acceptance to the BSS Summer Harp Workshop.

Upon completion of this registration, please remember to remit payment to Buffalo Suzuki Strings by calling the office between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday at (716) 743-8728. Check, cash, or credit card accepted.